Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great Green Jobs...Are We Sure About That Mr. Obama

We have all heard Obama speaking about millions of new GREEN JOBS as we solve Global Warming through the act of bringing forth into the world a whole new Green Economy with a host of GREAT GREEN JOBS. Question is Mr. Obama, is the reality of those great green jobs you are promising as fabulous as we are being led to believe.

Some examples of the jobs available in this brave new green economy lead one to question where we are going to end up in this green economy of the future. We all should fact, in many communities recycling is mandatory. Problem is, the average person working at a recycling center is earning about eight bucks an hour or a poverty level yearly salary of $16,640 dollars with a real good chance that your employer is NOT giving you any major medical coverage with that low pay.

Alternative Energy manufacturing...forget about it, they have a notorious track record of paying stub standard wages compared to other sectors of manufacturing, and many companies are already starting to OUT SOURCE to cheap labor nations much of the manufacturing of parts that go into Alternative Energy systems meant for United States Deployment. Wind and Solar, made in Mexico, or China, anywhere that the hourly wage is around one dollar! In fact, what few segments of the Alternative Energy Manufacturing that remain in America are Non Union with the companies guilty of some serious ANTI UNION TACTICS in keeping employees from forming any kind of a collective bargaining group within the industry...simply stated, Alternative Energy seems to be proudly associated with wage bases that can be compared to slave labor.

Green Construction...again, the hourly wage seems to be BELOW the Federal Poverty Benchmark for a family of four, or less than $10.19 per hour.

So, for all of those GREEN YUPPIES and their pea soup children who are counting on the new Green Economy giving them nice cushy Green Collar jobs in cozy green offices with great green perks and benefits...FORGET ABOUT IT! Unless there are some serious changes, being a part of the Great Green Work force does not PAY ENOUGH to make it worth the bother!

So tell me Mr. are you going to convince Americans to BE GREEN when Being Green, Working Green means living below the poverty level for most workers in the Green Work Force.

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